Menahem Landau

Managing Director, TI CAVERET, Israel

Menahem Landau (LTC. retired) is the managing Director of "CAVERET" - hybrid investment fund that invests pre-seed money in early stage startups that serve the unmanned world.
Menahem who headed UAV Branch at IMOD/DDR&D Aeronautical Division, retired December 2020.
His responsibilities included R&D activities for all related domains, operational and technological concepts, platforms, payloads, communications, propulsion, operator stations etc. In addition, he was the IMOD Program Manager for development of UAV and Drone systems for the IDF. Previous assignments include positions responsible for R&D, development and fielding of UGS systems, electro-optical weapon systems at IMOD, tactical UAVs for battalion and brigade echelons at IMOD and IDF/GFC/Operational Requirements Dept. and as a program officer at the Technological Division of IDF/GFC.