Oz katz

Deputy General Manager Industries, Ministry of Economy, Israel

Oz Katz, Head of the Industries Administration, Ministry of Economy and Industry
For the past 5 years, Oz is responsible for the development of the industry by implementing Advanced Manufacturing, circle Economy and achieving better business environment. Oz responsible on 8 different industry sectors. Before that Oz served as the Head of the Environment and Sustainable Development Administration in the Ministry of Economy. In this role, Oz is responsible for clean production programs, resource efficacy, promoting economic-environment regulations and enhancing the connection of natural gas to the industry. Prior to this role, Oz served as Senior Division Manager of Strategy and Policy Planning at the Ministry of Economy. In this position, Oz coordinated initiatives across government ministries, including programs for economic development in Israel's northern region, increasing competition in the Israeli market, lowering the cost of living, removing obstructions to imported goods, increasing productivity, etc. Previously, Oz served as the Head of Hi-Tech and Communications at Adkit, specializing in international research and strategic consulting and, before that, as the VP for Development at the Galilea Group International Investment Foundation and as the Director of Business Development at Melta in New York. Oz is also committed to his community. He has served as a team leader and a co-founder at Nova, a nonprofit organization that aims to strengthen the city of Jerusalem. He also founded Mashav, a student movement for social change. Oz holds a MA in the Honors Program in Public Policy and BA in economics and agricultural sciences, both from the Hebrew University.